About us

La Chandoline Team :

Leyla C Ramirez,

Leyla is Puerto Rican. She is our translator for English and Spanish. She is house hostess and keeps the books…

After a career as a biochemist at the University of Burgundy, she opted for tourism at retirement.
And finally she prefers spruce trees  and Jura snow rather than palm trees and the beaches of the Caribbean !

Mansour Aouri,

Mansour is very versatile, he helps in the kitchen and in the cleaning and he also transfers bags and constumers;  from time to time he makes us couscous.

Pierre Legay,

Pierre is our cook, his family is from the Jura. He does vegetarian and regional cooking.

Valérie Dalmais,

Valerie is a nordic ski instructor and a mountain and cycling guide. She advises you on the phone or on-site for your routes.
She knows the landscape and the trails perfectly.

Other instructors,

The team is composed of : Marie-Agnès Gros, Olivier Grossiord, Hugo, Eric Regard, Valérie Dalmais.
All are highly qualified nordic ski instructors and mountain guides (certified by the state : Brevetés d’Etat) who are
committed to making sure that everyone’s experience during their stay is as pleasant and interesting as possible.
They know the Jura by heart and will be able to take you to the most interesting places that the Jura has to offer.
They work with us on winter and summer outings.

This entire team is here to make sure you have a  pleasant stay !

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